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  • Expressed in five geometric shapes, you’ll quickly begin to understand how some people find themselves in conflict while others seem to get along so well. Psycho·Geometrics® is based on science and psychology dating back one-hundred years.

  • 98% of people say using the Psycho•Geometrics® System has helped develop positive communications, strengthen relationships with their work team, and built stronger bonds with family and friends.

  • By gaining an understanding of how those around you express themselves and how to meet them on their communication terms. Upon taking the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed downloadable report about your communication style.

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You are moments away from a scientific understanding of Who you are, What you do, and How you interact with others.

Course Information

This introduction will not only provide a deeper understanding of Psycho•Geometrics, it prepares you for how to best take and benefit from the Shapes assessment.

  • What is it, Why use it, How to use it, and the Results you can expect from using this tool.

  • Personal Shapes Assessment

  • Review of the five shapes.

  • Shapes Guide

  • Knowledge Check